Thursday, May 1, 2014

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Western redcedar is one of the most important tree species in British Columbia forests. The “Tree of Life”, cedar assisted First Nations to flourish providing everything from clothing and baskets to sea going canoes and planks for houses. 

Western redcedar provides numerous environmental, social and economic benefits. The light weight of heartwood coupled with its durability, resistance to decay, straight grain that allows easy splitting, insulating qualities and its aesthetic appeal have made cedar an extremely valuable tree species.

Preliminary consultations to establish a western redcedar group were conducted in British Columbia during 2013, leading to the inaugural meeting of the Cedar Research Working Group. The intention is to build on the legacy of knowledge generated by several previous initiatives and workshops over the last couple of decades.

The workshop brought together multiple stakeholders: federal and provincial government, research institutes, universities, forest industry, and business and consulting communities. One important point identified at the workshop was the need to stay connected and informed as a group.

This blog intends to serve the need of our members to stay connected and informed. We will share western redcedar relevant research, information, reports, links, new findings and anything else that the group may consider important. 

It is our blog, so let’s make it just that. Please let us know your thoughts and suggestions. We look forward to your enthusiastic participation.

Stay tuned …

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  1. Thanks for setting up the blog Cosmin, looking forward to the information/ideas it will generate.